What We Believe

Waste is an opportunity.

The best natural resource is the one that has already been extracted. Our work begins where others’ consumption ends, where energy would be otherwise lost to landfills or abandoned.

Innovation is imperative.

We can and will cultivate healthier, more sustainable cities by continuously and creatively disrupting old processes.

Together, people are strong.

Lasting, collaborative partnerships are key to creating environments where individuals, organizations and communities flourish.

Results demand action.

Action is the most effective stimulus for progress. We promote a hands-on approach to research, development and education.

Knowledge is power.

Access to information is essential for driving change. At Plant Chicago, we are committed to open-source distribution of knowledge.

Upcoming Events

Introduction to Mushroom Growing

This one hour class will cover the basics of indoor mushroom cultivation. You will learn about a variety of mushroom species and which ones you can grow in your own home using simple and affordable techniques.

Volunteer Orientation

Our next volunteer orientation is Saturday, February 20th from 9:30 - 11:30 am.

Introduction to Aquaponics

This 2 hour workshop will cover how aquaponics works, its benefits, types of growing systems and tips on how to build your own system.

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