DegrowUS Gathering

From September 28-30, 2018, DegrowUS will hold the United States’ first gathering of degrowth advocates in Chicago, IL.

DegrowUS and Plant Chicago will be cohosting panels and workshops in Plant Chicago’s classroom. This programming will cover circular economies and include a workshop on spiral economies! In this workshop, we will be talking about down-scaling production and consumption, rebuilding society within our ecological means, localizing community solidarity, and transitioning to cooperative, democratic systems of organization.

DegrowUS is bringing together activists and artists, teachers and researchers, organizers and thinkers from across the country for a weekend of strategizing, community building and resource sharing, with the goal of launching a movement. As the largest cumulative carbon emitter on the planet, it’s time the US got serious about degrowth.

Following the workshop will be a social mixer in the taproom. Feel free to join them there after 6pm!

Thank you to the sponsors of for event: Bubbly Dynamics, the Field Museum, and the University of Illinois in Chicago


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