Simple Preserving Methods with Baguette & Butter

After Plant Chicago’s (garden themed) Farmers Market, Join Amanda McLemore of Baguette & Butter to learn simple preserving methods you can do at home.

What you’ll learn:
The workshop will cover how to preserve produce without canning. Each participant will learn simple freezing, drying, and curing methods that can both save money, eliminate packaging. At the end of the demonstration, attendees will make their own herb mix to take home. Recipe cards of the demonstrated preserved foods will be provided as well.

About Baguette & Butter:
Baguette & Butter’s mission is to nurture a sustainable American food culture through kitchen, garden, and simple life skills. B&B hosts workshops both online and in person. They offer sustainable and local recipes to aid in reducing food waste and packaging.

About Amanda:
Amanda McLemore is a chef, gardener, and the founder of Baguette & Butter. Amanda desires to change the way the American diet is defined by teaching the skills and tools necessary to build community through the garden and table. Amanda is as well the host of Clarified, a video series created after she gave up the grocery store for a year to better connect with local food.

General workshop admission is $15. We’re offering $5 off for residents of Back of the Yards/New City area (60609 zip) – email Kassie at for promo code to enter at checkout.

Feel free to call Plant Chicago at (773) 847-5523 or email us at with any questions.

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