Trash Magnets and Other Ways to Make Friends

Struggling for reuse-gift ideas for all those pesky spring birthdays? Want to impress all your co-workers by bedazzling your office with magnets made out of trash? Looking to reignite the fire in your relationships? At a loss for what to want to send your pen pal?

Join Plant Chicago Education Manager Kassie Hinrichsen, for this once in a lifetime crafting opportunity! Learn how to make exciting crafts from reused and found materials (trash, preferably clean). Including, but not limited to, a tiny frying pan magnet made out of a bottle cap, flower trash magnets made out of plastic caps and felt, reuse bookmarks and cards.

What will be provided: 

Materials to make trash magnets and other reuse crafts!

What you’ll leave with: 

Tiny frying pan magnet(s), plastic bottle cap magnet(s), as many bookmarks and cards as you can make, and a new sense of purpose.

What you could bring (optional): 

Plastic and metal bottle caps, any fun magazines/old books you’d like to cut up (national geographic’s are great), old felt or fabric pieces, cardboard, cardstock, construction paper, paper you find lying around, hot glue guns, and any other trash or craft supplies you’d like!

Tickets are $10… WHAT A DEAL! Get ’em while they’re hot! Reach out to or call (773) 847-5523 with any questions, comments, or concerns. Looking forward to crafting with you!

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