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Mosaic Reuse Workshop with Mosaico Arte

Join us for an afternoon of crafting and create your own 5"x7" mosaic using aluminum cans. Mosaic expert Norma Rio-Sierra will guide you through the process.

Introduction to Aquaponics

A beginning look into the principles of growing plants and fish together with no soil.

February Indoor Farmers Market

It may be the middle of winter in Chicago, but you can still find fresh produce at the Plant Chicago Farmers Market!

Advanced Aquaponics: Biology & Chemistry

Continuing with the basics learned in Intro to Aquaponics, this advanced class delves deeper into the biological and chemical processes involved in creating a healthy aquaponic system.

Advanced Aquaponics: Lighting

Learn how photosynthesis allows plants to turn light into tasty food. Explore what light is, how it’s important and the best ways to produce light for your plants. Topics include photosynthesis, properties of light and lighting technology.

Advanced Aquaponics: Build Class

Prerequisites: Biology and Chemistry, Lighting, and Plumbing and System Design. Build an aquaponic system with Plant Chicago staff!

Indoor Farmers Market and Seed Swap

Believe it or not, spring is on the way! Start preparing with some delicious food, nutritious produce, and a seed swap.

Spring Volunteer Orientation

Get oriented to become a volunteer with Plant Chicago! Help maintain our aquaponic system, set up and run the Farmers Market and assist with educational programming.