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Plant Chicago Farmers Market

The only farmers market in Chicago where you’ll find small batch coffee, gourmet mushrooms, kombucha, naturally leavened bread and fresh greens being sold in the same space they’re produced. Visit us and support your local producers every Saturday this summer!

Introduction to Aquaponics

A beginning look into the principles of growing plants and fish together with no soil.

Advanced Aquaponics: Biology & Chemistry

Continuing with the basics learned in Intro to Aquaponics, this advanced class delves deeper into the biological and chemical processes involved in creating a healthy aquaponic system.

Advanced Aquaponics: Build Class

Prerequisites: Biology and Chemistry, Lighting, and Plumbing and System Design. Build an aquaponic system with Plant Chicago staff!

Fall Harvest Dinner

Plant Chicago's first Fall Harvest Dinner! Stay tuned here for additional information and ticket purchase link, coming soon.