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February Indoor Farmers Market

Join your favorite local producers for Plant Chicago's indoor farmers market! Featuring a cooking demonstration at 12:30pm and Aquaponic Farm Open Hours from 12pm to 2pm.

Nourishing Winter: Foraged Medicinal Soup for the Soul Workshop

The winter months can seem long and dreary, but that's nothing a hot bowl of soup can't fix! Learn how to make bone broth and a vegan broth substitution incorporating foraged medicinal dried herbs from seasons past and overlooked winter delights.

Introduction to Aquaponic Farming

Join Plant Chicago's Technology Coordinator Eric Weber for a primer on this exciting way to grow your own food!

Kombucha Brewing 101

Participants will learn everything they need to know to start brewing this delicious, probiotic beverage at home. Everyone will go home with a SCOBY, starter liquid, and a Kombucha 101 recipe to jump start your home brewing.