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Thursday Evening Tour

Always wanted to come on a tour of The Plant but never able to make it on Saturdays? Join us for a Thursday evening tour!

Introduction to Growing Microgreens [SOLD OUT]

Ever thought about raising your own quick-growing, nutritious, and flavor-packed produce? Microgreens fit the bill, and can be grown in a small indoor space year-round!

Last Indoor Farmers Market!

Join Plant Chicago for our last indoor market of the 2016-17 season! Tours of The Plant and a market cooking demo will be offered.

Seeding Methods | Métodos de sembrar

Combining discussion and hands-on work, this session is perfect for beginning gardeners/farmers interested in learning different methods and equipment for seeding. Esta sesión es perfecta para individuales empezando en la jardinería y cultivación de comida, interesadxs en aprender diferentes métodos y herramientas para sembrar.

Native Plant Sale Fundraiser

Join Plant Chicago and Natural Communities Native Plants for a native plant sale fundraiser! All proceeds support Plant Chicago's education, farmers market, and technology demonstration programming.

Small Farm & Garden Maintenance | Mantenimiento de jardines y granjas pequeñas

This session is for participants interested in learning different methods of maintaining a productive and healthy garden or small farm throughout the growing season. Esta sesión es para participantes interesadxs en aprender diferentes métodos de mantenimiento para un jardín/granja productivx y saludable

Mosaic Reuse Workshop with Mosaico Arte

Join us for an afternoon of crafting and create your own 5"x7" mosaic using aluminum cans. Mosaic expert Norma Rio-Sierra will guide you through the process.

Harvest and Post-Harvest Handling | Métodos de cosecha y manejo de producto

In this session, participants will learn to determine when to harvest different crops and how to harvest different greens, herbs, and vegetables. Durante esta sesión, participantes aprenderán como determinar el tiempo adecuado para cosechar diferentes cultivos y como cosechar apropiadamente diferentes verduras, hierbas, y vegetales.

Natural Indigo Dye Workshop

Interested in the fascinating history of Indigo? Have a desire for an immersive experience with this enchanting color? Join Yumuko Workshop at Plant Chicago for a Natural Indigo Dye Workshop!

Native Edible Plant Foraging | Busqueda de plantas nativas y comestibles

This session is for individuals interested in learning about wild edible plants, native to Chicago’s south side areas. Participants will have the opportunity to forage for their own plants, learn how to harvest them, and what their applications are. Esta sesión es para individuales interesados en aprender sobre plantas silvestres nativas a la parte sur de la ciudad de Chicago.