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Circular Economy Workshop: Facilitator Training

Interested in learning more about the circular economy? Want to work on your public speaking skills? We're looking to train a pack of circular economy experts to help guide and facilitate these workshops!

Aquaponic Farm Training

Are you a Plant Chicago volunteer who has already attended a volunteer orientation? Are you interested in learning how to grow aquaponically?

Closed Loop Forum & Fest

Plant Chicagoʼs Closed Loop Forum & Fest 2018 is focused on cultivating local circular economies. Discussions, workshops, live music, local food and drink.

Advanced Aquaponics: Lighting

Learn how photosynthesis allows plants to turn light into tasty food. Explore what light actually is, and how it’s important to the health of your plants. Learn why so many LED grow lights are purple (and why you shouldn't buy them). Topics include photosynthesis, properties of light and lighting technologies. No tickets will be shipped! Check in at the farmers market the day of the class. Feel free to reach out with any questions at

Advanced Aquaponics: Biology & Chemistry

Continuing with the basics learned in Intro to Aquaponics, this advanced class delves deeper into the biological and chemical processes involved in creating a healthy aquaponic system. Topics covered include the nitrogen cycle, pH and alkalinity, water testing procedures, fish anatomy and basic botany. No tickets will be shipped! Check in at the farmers market the day of the class. Please email with any questions.