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2nd Annual Closed Loop Forum

Ideas on neighborhood production, consumption, and waste will be shared by local researchers and practitioners.

October Farmers Market at The Plant

Support your favorite local producers and enjoy local food, drinks, art, and fun! We'll have kids activity, open aquaponic farm hours, and more!

Aquaponics for Educators

are you interested in starting an aquaponic system at your school? let us help you get started!

Fall Harvest Dinner

Plant Chicago's annual fundraiser! Support our education, market, and research programming by eating delicious food, drinking locally crafted drinks, and having a down right good ‘ol time. What could be better?

Introduction to Aquaponic Farming

Join Plant Chicago's Technology Coordinator Eric Weber for a primer on this exciting way to grow your own food! Learn the basics behind how aquaponic systems (raising fish + growing plants in water) work, tips for starting your own system, and why this method will be an integral part of future food sustainability!