Virtual After-School Workshop: DIY Seed Balls

Join Education Manager, Rock Evans, for our first After-School Virtual Workshop! Participants will learn about native pollinators and create their own wildflower seed balls. This workshop is recommended for students of all ages, and parents are more than welcome to join.

Learn about the differences between native and non-native bees, the importance of pollinators for the environment and our food system, and what you can do to support these amazing creatures.

The wildflower seed balls we’ll make during this workshop are meant to be “planted” in the winter so they have enough cold months to germinate in the spring. Wildflowers supply habitat and food for bees, birds, butterflies, and other pollinators. This particular seed ball has seeds that need cold weather to germinate properly in the spring.

We will provide attendees with a list of seed ball materials prior to the workshop for those who would like to follow along at home.

Seed ball kits can also be purchased at checkout and picked up at Plant Chicago’s Firehouse Market (4459 S Marshfield Ave) between Thursday, November 19 and Saturday, December 5.

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