April Indoor Farmers Market


Farm & Value Added Products

Bike a Bee
Faith’s Farm
Pixie Dust Salts
Quarter Mile Sauce Runnin Hot Jdkkbk INC.
Star Farm Chicago
The Urban Canopy
Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food
Sitka Salmon

Baked Goods

No Denial Foods
Salad Bowl Creations , Inc.
Tubby’s Taste

Prepared Foods

Pleasant House Pub pies & pizza
Temo’s Tamales
Tuanis Chocolate


Four Letter Word Burgazada Coffee available in Plant Chicago’s Farmstand
PlantPowerPlates Juices

Handmade Jewelry, Art, Housewares, Etc.

Corazón Mixteco
Energia del Corazon Cosmico / I Am Love Prosperity & Crystals
Made a Mano. by Yesica E. Morfin
Niki’s Vintage Jewelry
Tarot by Laura Gonzalez
Verdant Matter

Plant Chicago Farmers Market accepts the Illinois Link card and matches Link purchases up to $25 per person, per market.

Plant Chicago volunteer Kushala Vora will lead a cooking demonstration at 12:30pm.

Food For Change Chicago will be at the market to share their vision for holistic nutrition and wellness in Chicago!

Join Lora Lode for a Spring Soil Health Workshop after the market, at 3pm. Tickets available here.

For more information and updates, please keep an eye on our market Facebook event.

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