Balance your Mind(s): Exploring the Brain, Microbiome, and Taste Buds

This workshop will start off in Bubbly Dynamics’ beautiful Winter Garden at The Plant for a Yoga flow and Meditation led by Corene Summers. Follow that up with Kombuchade samples and the culinary creations of Chef Bobbi Lee. Lastly, participants will explore the microbiome and learn about how to brew Kombucha at home from Kombuchade founder Matt Lancor. There will also be plenty of time for questions during a Gut Health Q&A with all of the workshop leaders.

Each ticket will include:

  • Kombuchade Hummus Cup w/ Roasted Veggie Spears
  • Kombuchade Samples
  • Gut Health Yoga + Meditation
  • Artisan Farmacy Gut Health Guide
  • Kombucha 101 Recipe

Additional creations by Chef Bobbi Lee, SCOBYs ($29), and Homebrewing Kits ($59) will be available for purchase after class.

**This event is Bring Your Own Yoga Mat (BYOYM) and will be limited to 33 people**

Instructor Bios

Corene Summers is an International Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor, Reiki Master, Holistic Counselor, Corporate Wellness Specialist© and Yoga Teacher. She is here to offer you the tools, knowledge and guidance that assisted her on her health and wellness journey. This all-levels yoga class is intended to work your entire body with a great focus on supporting proper detox and digestion. Expect lots of twists, hip and abdominal work to shed toxins, tone the body and massage the internal organs, leaving you feeling refreshed and recharged.

Chef Bobbi Lee offers a range of services that are designed to help heal trauma through herbal medicine infused foods. These include custom edibles, dessert tables, private chef services and infusion lessons. Bobbi graduated from The French Pastry School and also holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Western Kentucky University. She combines her educational backgrounds into a heart-centered and scientifically mindful approach to infused cuisine. Additional items for sale after class.

Matt Lancor
Kombuchade was created by Matt Lancor, a local Rugby player for the Chicago Lions. He was on a mission to find a functional beverage that was actively aiding his health and wellness journey. After trying Kombucha for the first time in Seattle at the 2014 USA Rugby National Championships, he came back to Chicago and founded Kombuchade in June of 2015. Utilizing his skills as an engineer from the University of Illinois, Matt has blended the best of the western scientific world, with an ancient healing beverage from the east. Kombuchade’s blends are created by brewing a batch of organic herbs and teas, then the solution is fermented in glass with a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). What you get is an effervescent, probiotic sports drink, designed for high performance athletes. After a decade of playing high level Rugby, Matt is no stranger to head knocks and concussions. Driven by personal experiences, his vision to provide a recovery drink for performance athletes and military veterans is coming true by this summer. In the form of Kombuchade infused with CBD & Phycocyanin (A high potency algae extract), formulated to maximize inflammation relief and provide neuroprotective benefits.

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