Building the Best Soils for the Healthiest Foods

If you are what you eat, does that mean you’re also what your soil eats?

Join Lora Lode, Bionutrient Food Association Chapter Leader and Community Garden Manager to learn about how to build soil to grow nutrient dense foods!

Although we are nearing winter, there are loads of things to do to prepare for the upcoming growing season! Participants will learn about soil testing for minerals, how to address deficiences, what to look for in your soil, how to support healthy microbial soil environment, and the connection of these practices to our health, and the nutrient density of our food. This workshop will provide foundational and practical steps (and much much more!) that anyone can take to their own backyard! Implementing these practices will ensure that you can regenerate your soil, help with carbon sequestering and grow the best food possible!

For the hands on component of this workshop, participants will learn how to use refractometers to get Brix readings. You are encouraged to harvest something from your garden immediately before the workshop for testing!

Tickets are $15, free for Back of the Yards/New City residents (60609 zip). Email for the discount code or with any questions.

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