Chicago 101 with CivicLab

How did Chicago come to be known as the most corrupt city in America? What does that mean for YOUR life, for the life of your neighbors? What does that mean for social justice and equity? Why are Black and Brown people dying disproportionately from COVID19 right now?

During this virtual event, Jonathan Peck and Tom Tresser of the CivicLab take you on a tour of Chicago from before the white man arrived to the present day. We will lay out the historic and geographic origin stories that make Chicago the way it is. If you are interested in solving problems, in being part of the movement for justice, equity, and peace in Chicago, you need to know how we got here.

About the Presenters

The presenters of this workshop are Jonathan Peck and Tom Tresser of CivicLab. They have over 60 years combined experience in social justice movement work, grassroots organizing, and political campaigning.

The CivicLab is a nonprofit 501c3 community-facing “do tank” dedicated to accelerating and deepening grassroots democracy, civic engagement and social justice efforts through collaboration, education and innovation. We conduct original action-oriented research in civic engagement and democratic practices and disseminate this knowledge to neighbors, organizers and leaders across Chicagoland in order to move justice and fight for a robust public sector. We originate and build tools for civic investigation, sustainable grassroots leadership development, civic accountability and civic collaboration.

This workshop is a co-production of the CivicLab and Plant Chicago.

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