Circular Economy Workshop: Facilitator Training

Interested in learning more about the circular economy? Want to work on your public speaking skills? Starting Saturday May 5th, Plant Chicago will be offering circular economy workshops for the general public – every Saturday at 11:30 am. We’re currently looking to train a pack of circular economy experts to help guide and facilitate these workshops!

Our circular economy (CE) workshops last roughly one hour in length, and cover various CE topics such as renewable energy, materials that can be safely returned to the Earth, shared economic success, and more! Challenge and inspire others to think critically about consumption, and the economic potential of our waste materials (trash). Our CE workshop includes a discussion on our current linear practices, and a hands-on activity that explores the life cycle of a typical plastic bottle compared to a forest ecosystem.

CE workshops highlights several food businesses inside The Plant as a circular economic model. During the workshop participants visit Plant Chicago’s aquaponic farm as an example of closed loop food production, as well as outdoor growing spaces, chickens, and composting projects.

Learn more at our facilitator training! Feel free to email or call 773-847-5523 with any questions.

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