Community Glue Repair Workshop

Plant Chicago is partnering with Carla Bruni of Community Glue to help teach people how to repair their broken items. Have you ever had a beloved or uber-useful item that just has one tiny crack or non-functioning part? Don’t buy a new one, learn how to fix it!! In the spirit of circular eocnomies, we need to make sure we make our items last as long as possible! (Not to mention, repairing is way less expensive than repurchasing!)

Community Glue Workshop is a free, monthly repair clinic where local, mechanically-inclined volunteers will work on just about any busted, torn, or short-circuited item you can fit through the door. Participants are always very welcome to help with repairs–their own or others–but it is not required. We will have volunteers on hand who can repair electronics, clothing, etc. *Please note that this is a free repair clinic. We have a good success rate of fixing items, but we are all volunteers and some items cannot be repaired for reasons such as missing parts, hazardous conditions, or too large or complicated a scope. We love to try our darndest, and believe that the journey is as important as the end result, if not more. This is just as much a community-driven initiative as it is an environmental one.

About Carla Bruni: Carla Bruni co-founded Community Glue Workshop in 2012 because she wanted to trim down on the amount of waste she saw in the construction industry and empower people to repair, not replace, all those things that just need a little TLC (or a soldering iron). Bruni has extensive experience working on environmental initiatives with a variety of organizations in and around Chicago, and has worked with the U.S. EPA to create Environmental Justice reports and Community Involvement plans. For over a decade, she has also been a part of hands-on disaster relief projects, most frequently in New Orleans, which she would continue to rebuild even if the water was up to her neck. Bruni holds an MS in Historic Preservation from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BA from Loyola University Chicago in English.

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