Container Gardening Workshop - Build an Earth Bucket!

Looking to start a garden in a small space this season? Do you live in an apartment, but wish you had the land to start your dream garden? Container gardening is a great alternative; it allows you to grow a wide variety of crops in a small amount of space and can be accomplished using re-purposed materials!

During this workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of container gardening including how to create an ideal soil mix, fertilization techniques, and plant selection. Everyone will also build their own self watering bucket planter and soil mix to take home!

Tickets are $30 and tickets can be purchased here. Tickets are $20 for Back of the Yards residents. Please email if you are a Back of the Yards resident and would like to attend.

Instructor Bio

Ken Davis earned a degree in Horticulture Science from the University of Illinois and has been growing plants ever since he could a hold a garden shovel. Since graduating he has worked on a variety farms and currently operates an indoor hydroponic farm, growing leafy greens year round for restaurants. As a hobby, he enjoys combining his education and passion to turn urban environments into productive gardens.

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