Cooking with Essential Oils

Join Raja Baptiste, the Founder of Food for Change Chicago, to learn all about cooking with essential oils. Participants will gain skills that will help them incorporate essential oils into food preparation and everyday routines and also have a chance to taste some delicious creations. Everyone will leave the workshop with written recipes, product made during the workshop, and materials to get in the kitchen and create your own delicious creations at home.

Food For Change Chicago is a nonprofit organization that focuses on using a holistic approach to improving our food systems across social, human, and environmental dynamics.

Instructor Bio

Raja Baptiste is a Behavioral Specialist, Occupational therapy student, and a Diabetic Educator with a mission to treat the mind, body and soul as one. Raja uses her knowledge and training of holistic health, nutritional education, child nutrition and community health training to help people improve their relationship with food and their bodies.

She has more than 6 years of diverse, well-rounded experience working in communities that are plagued with food insecurities. Her Occupational Therapy degree focuses on health, wellness and nutrition, which allows her to research food behavior and how inadequate nutrition affects our physical and mental health. Currently, she works as a community health advocate alongside a nutritionist chef, that focuses on engaging communities by using the concept of education through demonstration. As a behavioral specialist, Rajaworks with families to foster the development and nutrition of children.

**Tickets are $20 for the general public and $10 for Back of the Yards residents. If you are a Back of the Yards resident interested in attending, email**

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