Cooking with the Seasons

Using local, in-season produce is a great thing to do for the planet and for your body. Learn how & why during this class! Participants will learn what foods are grown in the current season, why eating seasonally is beneficial for the environment, how to use seasonal foods in everyday meals, and the many benefits for this practices for eaters and farmers alike.

A meal featuring seasonal produce will be provided to enjoy during the class, and all participants will go home with a collection of recipes for seasonal eating.

About the Instructor 

Carly Feldmeier is a nutritionist and holistic health practitioner passionate about bringing gentleness and compassion to health and wellness coaching. She completed her Master’s of Science in Nutrition at National University of Natural Medicine and is ready to serve her community. With a unique nutrition education from a naturopathic institution, Carly focuses on using the healing power of nature in her practice. From clinical and counseling experience to culinary expertise, Carly is prepared and excited to co-actively guide you in your health journey.

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