Foraged Foods for Female Health

Workshop Details:

Join Nina Lawrin of Loveren Collections to learn about 5-6 wild edible foods to optimize female hormonal health and everyday living.  The workshop will introduce “everyday foraging,” a way to incorporate perennial and wild foods into daily meals. Some of the most nutritious plants are the ones we overlook, the “weeds.” Being a female and hyper sensitive to chemicals, there are certain foraged foods that can help support the female hormonal cycle while eating wild foods.

This combination lecture/hands-on workshop will teach you all you need to know about foraging for female health. During the workshop, we’ll make a foraged vinegar (to take home) and local, wild, foraged lunch (included in ticket price).

Participants will learn:

  • how to identify 5-6 wild edible plants
  • what parts of the plant are edible
  • the many benefits of foraging for female health
  • how to prepare and use foraged foods
  • how to make foraged vinegar

Participants will leave with: 

  • a foraged vinegar
  • a sample menu for each hormonal phase
  • a recipe for wild foraged salad & dressing

About Nina Lawrin:

Nina Lawrin is a visual artist, permaculture designer, world traveler, and forager.  She is owner of Loveren Collections, an experience dedicated to education and re-connection to nature through various workshops, pop-up dinners, and camping trips. Over the last six years Nina has learned to eat and live in balance with her body and nature. She is a Fulbright Alumni where she worked with numerous permaculture sites and used “waste streams” to create research driven, site specific artwork. She started her foraging journey learning from the San community in Namibia and Botswana. Nina is a certified Treekeeper with Openlands and holds a Foraging Certificate from the Resiliency Institute.

Tickets are $35, which includes a completely foraged lunch. $5 discount for Back of the Yards/New City residents, email Kassie at for promo code!

Please reach out to or call Plant Chicago’s office at (773) 847-5523 with any questions.

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