Horizon Science Academy Engineering Symposium

Horizon Science Academy McKinley Park engineering students have been working on various projects all year, including building a bookshelf for the school library, radio controlled airplanes, and a stress detector to prevent animal abuse. At the end of this month, students will present their work to the public.

Work will be presented by ten groups from the high school’s three engineering classes including Principles of Engineering which focuses on developing design and building skills while using the engineering design process, Aerospace Engineering which exposes students to the fundamentals of flight, navigation, materials, and aerodynamics, and Engineering Design and Development a senior level engineering class requiring students to research various topics, find a problem in the world they’d like to solve, and use the engineering process to develop a prototype to solve that problem. About twenty-five students will be participating in the presentations.

The event is free to the public and the school is especially seeking scientists and engineers to attend in order to listen to presentations, provide feedback on projects, and connect students to professionals as many of them make their journey into post secondary education next year.

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