Indoor Farmers Market and Seed Swap

Believe it or not, spring is on the way! Start preparing with some delicious food, nutritious produce, and a seed swap. In addition to our usual farmers market activities, Nature’s Little Recyclers will host a Seed Swap. They’ll  offer a range of heirloom, organic and naturally grown variety of seeds that do well in the Chicago area. You can swap for rare seeds, and plentiful packets of free seeds will be available to all who will plant and grow in 2017.  Nature’s Little Recyclers will also be accepting donations of hand and garden tools for creating a Chicago Urban Agriculture Tool Bank.

As always, Plant Chicago will offer tours of The Plant at 11:30am and 2pm.

Vendor List:

Alas Abiertas: Women’s Food Co-op
John Bailey Honey
Faith’s Farm
Four Letter Word Coffee
The Urban Canopy
Plant Chicago farms
Temo’s Tamales
The Chunky Scones
Sacred Serve
Pleasant House Bread/ Pleasant House Bakery
Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food
Ste Martaen
Back of the Yards Coffeehouse and Roastery
Best Friend Revival spent grain dog treats
Quarter Mile Hot Sauce 

Hancrafted Jewelry by Cynthia-Inez Zaker
Thunder Moon Studios
Niki’s Vintage Jewelry

Happy Leaf LED

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