(Virtual) Introduction to Aquaponics

Join Eric Weber, Plant Chicago’s Circular Economy Project Specialist, for a virtual primer class on this exciting way to grow your own food! Learn the basics behind how aquaponic systems (raising fish + growing plants in water) work, get tips for starting your own system, and hear about why this method could be an integral part of future food sustainability.

We’re excited to offer this class in a virtual format on April 11! The class will still have all of the same great info, and will include plenty of photos and video explanations of Plant Chicago’s various aquaponic systems.

Tickets are $20 ($10 for Back of the Yards/New City residents/60609 ZIP Code, email kassandra@plantchicago.org for promo code). Feel free to reach out with any questions via email at info@plantchicago.org or phone at (773) 847-5523.

More about the Instructor

Eric Weber Circular Economy Project Specialist
Eric has been with Plant Chicago since 2012, when he started as an Aquaponic Systems Intern. He now leads a variety of circular economy projects with Plant Chicago, working closely with staff and outside professionals to investigate the latest in food and energy reuse. Previous to Plant Chicago, Eric worked for seven years in the ornamental aquarium industry. After earning a BA in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois at Chicago, he spent five of those years designing, installing and maintaining marine aquariums. He applies his knowledge and experience with living creatures and controlled environment life support technology to explore ways of reusing energy and waste.

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