Know Your Pollinator Class with Bike a Bee

What do squash, melons, almonds, apples, peaches, peppers, tomatoes, and honey have in common? For one thing, none of them would exist without the hard work of pollinators!  It is estimated that pollinators help to produce one in three bites of food that humans consume.  That makes them incredibly important for food security and ecosystem sustainability. Bees, one of our most prolific pollinators, are in danger. Come learn why and discuss what you can do to help, right here in Chicago!

Join Brittany Buckles, trained Entomologist and Education & Outreach Coordinator with Bike a Bee, for this hour-long class consisting of an educational presentation and discussion activities all about pollinators! You’ll also be able to view honey bees up close in Plant Chicago’s classroom observation hive.

Bike a Bee is an urban beekeeping project with about 50 hives on the south side of Chicago, some of which are on the roof of our home, The Plant. Most of Bike a Bee’s hives are placed in community gardens, schools, urban farms, and other shared, visible spaces. They believe having bees where people can see them enriches the community’s understanding of bees and the natural systems around them; children, teens, and adults learn through observation and coexistence that bees are our friends, not our enemies!



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