Naturally Clean New Year: A Non-Toxic Cleaning Workshop

Start 2019 off with a sparkling clean home, without the nasty side-effects of traditional household cleaning materials.

In this workshop, participants will go beyond basic vinegar and essential oil cleaners to learn about a variety of non-toxic cleaning methods, from stain removal on fabrics and household surfaces, to different kinds of cleaners and disinfectants – all made from environmentally safe materials they likely already have lying around the house.

Delve into the science of how these materials are effective at fighting dirt, grime, and germs on the molecular level, as well as why to make the transition away from traditional cleaners, and the difference it will make for both the environment and the health of those who inhabit your home! All workshop participants will go home with a spray bottle of a non-toxic cleaner, a zine of recipes, and info about non-toxic cleaning.

About the facilitators: 

Shunae studied at SAIC with a concentration in art therapy, where she also obtained her mental health and first aid certification. She has facilitated wellness workshops for various youth programs and community events. Shunae has dedicated 11 years to studying leading edge wellness practices and the science that powers them. She is an artist and intuitive with a divine love and understanding of the wellness arts. Eleonora works with scent in all of its capacities, from its artistic to its cleaning potentials. Eleonora has used solely non toxic cleaning methods at home for several years and is excited about the possibility of sharing these practices with more folks in Chicago, helping to reduce the effects of cleaning chemicals on our city’s air quality and water supply.

This workshop is donation based – please choose an amount between $5 and $20 that feels fair to you. All proceeds for this workshop will go directly to the facilitators. *Refreshments will be served*

Please email with any questions.

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