Nourishing Winter: Foraged Medicinal Soup for the Soul Workshop

Join Nina Lawrin of loveren collections for her Nourishing Winter: Foraged Medicinal Soup For the Soul workshop. The winter months can seem long and dreary, but that’s nothing a hot bowl of soup can’t fix! Learn how to make bone broth and a vegan broth substitution while incorporating foraged medicinal dried herbs from seasons past and overlooked winter delights. This workshop is hands-on, although broth will be prepped beforehand with a step-by-step run-through.

The yumminess is in learning about the foraged perennial plan profiles and medicinal properties to create your own blend!

Through this workshop, you will:

  • Learn about 3-5 Foraged Perennial Medicinal Herbs to incorporate into Soup
  • Learn about each foraged herb’s taste profile
  • Take home 8oz of medicinal bone broth (organic chicken)/ or Vegan Broth made with a foraged Medicinal Herb blend
  • Take home recipes for: Bone Broth and Vegan Broth
  • Gain an understanding of gut health and feeding your microbiome
  • Take part in a supportive, nourishing community that strives to live in balance with nature and everyday forage perennial plants!

About the Instructor:

loveren collections is a woman-owned business dedicated to the experience of reconnecting to wild perennial plants as food, medicine, and traditions lost. loveren collections hosts an array of urban foraging workshops including foraging for female hormonal health, utilizing wild perennial plant within urban gardens, urban plant ID hikes, foraged food cooking classes, and perennial medicinal plants.  In 2019 there will be limited seasonal Apprenticeships and Seasonal “Everyday Forage” box subscriptions utilizing plants from Lemon Balm: A Healing Permaculture Garden dedicated to females and female hormonal health.

Nina Lawrin is an urban forager, permaculture designer, and owner of loveren collections, based in the city of Chicago. Her foraging journey started while living and working with the San community in Namibia while on a Fulbright grant. Nina has received certificates in herbalism and foraging from the Resiliency Institute and is currently studying to become a Clinical Herbalist while reconnecting to her Ukrainian-German roots and traditions.

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