Spring Soil Health Workshop

Instructor Lora Lode will help you prepare for the growing season in a way that prioritizes the health of your soil, your plants, and your fellow human beings. Participants will learn about regenerative agricultural practices and be introduced to principles and protocols that anyone can use in their growing – whether large or small scale. The material covered (with examples) will include: soil testing for minerals and organic matter, how to amend deficiencies, and best practices to ensure an optimal soil environment to support soil biology. Participants will also learn how to relate these practices to plant health and nutrient density. The workshop will include a demonstration of how to measure nutrient density in fruit/vegetables using a refractometer. With spring right around the corner, there will also be an emphasis on seed starting, inoculants, and transplanting.

Lora Lode is an artist and Chicago community garden manager. She currently teaches at the School of the Art Institute and is an organizer for the Chicago Chapter of the Bionutrient Food Association (BFA). Lode works with the BFA and Chicago-area growers to improve the quality of our food supply by employing practices to create biologically vital, ecologically regenerative, and carbon-rich soils. In addition to working with multiple collaborative art groups, she has facilitated a multi-disciplinary research and design program in public interest design, manages a NeighborSpace community garden in Logan Square, and is continually inspired by community-driven, imaginative uses of public space.

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