Sustainable Kitchen Techniques: Get the Most Out of Every Scrap!

Join Emily Cross, LUCSA Lead with The Urban Canopy, for this 2 hour hands-on workshop on reducing and reusing food waste in the kitchen.

What participants will learn:
This workshop is geared towards those who are enrolled in a summer CSA, but applies to anyone who has ever wondered what to do with excess produce in the height of summer, or felt guilty composting veggies they so longed to enjoy.

Emily will help demystify sustainable kitchen practices, using techniques that generations before mastered. Learn how to transform stalks, stems, and excess veggies into delicious, nutrient packed dishes you’ll find yourself returning to again and again.

What participants will take home:

  • 1 jar of kale stem pesto
  • 1 jar of chard stalk hummus OR kitchen scrap veggie broth OR green smoothie cubes

What to bring:

  • Extra veggies that you need to use up
  • Clean vegetable scraps (think carrot tops, onion skins, bell pepper tops, etc.)
  • Excess cooking or leafy greens that you need to use up
  • Clean 8 ounce or 16 ounce jar and lid in case we have extra so you can take more of it home

About The Urban Canopy:
Founded in 2011, The Urban Canopy’s vision is to create a more sustainable and equitable food system in Chicago. They strive to make local healthy produce more accessible to all, reduce the miles fresh food travels, and create and maintain local jobs. Learn more about them here!

About the Facilitator:
Emily Cross is a good food and farm advocate. In her third year of working with The Urban Canopy, she heads the Local Unified C.S.A., which is a community supported agriculture program that sources from Urban Canopy’s south side farm and other partners. She was recently chosen to be a delegate representing the U.S. at Terra Madre in Turin, Italy – a part of Slow Food International.

She is blown away by the community created through the LUCSA program and local farmers coming together to support one another and reduce our impact on the earth. In particular, she is humbled by members’ life-changing stories that have altered their relationship to food. She believes in investing in the Midwestern good food community through supporting local farms at farmers markets, participating in community gardens and investing in the health of our neighbors through advocating for food access. Her journey to agriculture began with a seed planted by her grandfather and nurtured by her parents, teachers and farmer friends. She LOVES to cook, experiment in the kitchen, and plant lovely green + flowery things.

Ticket Prices:
General admission – $25
LUCSA members – $15
Back of the Yards/New City residents (60609 zip code) – $10

For the LUCSA members or Back of the Yards residents discounted admission please email Kassie at to receive a promo code to enter at check out.

Questions? Comments? Email or call Plant Chicago’s office at (773) 847-5523.

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