Virtual Closed Loop Lab: Trash Talk

Trash Talk: Landfills and Decomposition

Recommended for grades 6-12

Our Virtual Closed Loop Lab series is designed for teachers and parents looking to engage their students in science and sustainability topics through this quarantine era. Plant Chicago will be hosting virtual labs every Thursday from 1-2 pm through the end of the school year. From aquaponics to waste audits, explore a new topic each week with Plant Chicago! Learn more about our programs on our education page.

If your students are able to attend, we invite you to share the workshop link and password with them in advance. After the workshop, we will send all attendees the full slide deck and recording of the presentation for you to incorporate into your curriculum if your students are unable to attend the day of. All of our past workshops’ full video recordings, slide decks, and introductory materials are posted on our website here. Teachers are welcome to share any of the materials with their students free of charge.

Workshop Description:

Discover the world of decomposition with Program Coordinator Stef Funk! Learn about the journey our trash takes from the garbage bin to the landfill — and the energy it takes to get it there.

Stef will test your students’ knowledge on decomposers and decomposition rates, mapping out what types of waste products break down faster and slower than others. She’ll also cover methods to reduce, reuse, and recycle common items found in the trash.

Please let us know in advance if you plan on sharing the link with your students by emailing us at Include the grade and amount of students in the email, so we can be prepared!

After you RSVP, Eventbrite will send you a link and password to a Zoom meeting that you can share with your students.

Photo credit: Leah Kuhn Photography

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